Basic Life Support Ambulance

LifeLine’s Basic Life Support units are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who are comprehensively trained and continue to receive continuing education and training. LifeLine’s BLS units are equipped with appropriate medical equipment on the BLS level such as Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), Oxygen and basic airway maintenance devices, splinting and immobilization devices. LifeLine’s BLS ambulances are appropriate for routine transporting of bed-confined, and/or non critical patients, however they are also capable of handling emergency situations and serve as an initial response unit prior to the arrival of an ALS unit.

Advance Life Support

LifeLine’s Advanced Life Support Units are staffed by two highly trained and certified paramedics. All paramedics at LifeLine receive additional training and education in the area of advance cardiac life support (ACLS), basic trauma life support (BTLS), and pediatric advance life support (PALS). LifeLine’s ALS ambulances are equipped with advanced life saving  medical equipment such as 12 lead cardiac monitor/defibrillators, advanced airway/ventilation devices, intravenous infusion fluids as well as life saving medications that can be administered by our trained staff to treat or stabilize the patient during transport. These ambulances provide a higher level of service than that of the BLS units, and are generally used for  patients who are in an unstable or critical condition.

Critical Care Transport Units

LifeLine’s Critical Care Transport Units are staffed by two highly trained and certified paramedics who have received specialized training above and beyond the scope of practice for a paramedic. These Critical Care Transport Units typically are utilized for inter-hospital transfers of patients that require mechanical ventilations (Ventilator Dependent) and/or are receiving IV infusion medications such as Heparin, TPN, cardiac medications and  other medications which need infusion pumps for accuracy of medication administration.

Standby Special Event EMS Coverage

In addition to medical transportation, LifeLine Ambulance also specializes in providing medical coverage for special events and mass gatherings such as conventions, major sporting events and concerts. This coverage consists of  ambulance units on standby at the scene that can either be at the BLS level, at the ALS level, or both. This coverage also utilizes medical “foot teams” who can respond more quickly in a large crowd. These medical “foot teams” can respond directly to a patient and begin stabilizing and/or providing treatment before the actual transport ambulance arrives.