Alumni Spotlight: Candice

Candice Roberison, Registered NurseFormer EMT at Lifeline 1) Q: What do you currently do and how did you get to where you are? A: I’m a nurse, I went to Malcolm X 2 year nursing program. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field, and nursing is the area in which I found my passion. 2) Q: How has lifeline prepared you to be an RN? A: I gained experience in patient assessment and interaction, and because of my career at Lifeline, I feel like I had an advantage of knowing... Read more

Alumni Spotlight: Alex

Alex/Alejandro Casillas, CFD Former EMT/Paramedic for LifelineCFD: 1) Q: How has Lifeline impacted your life and/or career? A: Lifeline was a good starting point in my career. It set the foundation for the skills, ethics, and mental preparation to this field 2) Q: What is your funniest Lifeline memory? A: My first day on the ambulance, we were scheduled for a pickup. We parked outside a facility at about 30 minutes prior to the pickup time. I had no idea what a private ambulance... Read more

7 Things Every Rookie EMT Should Know!

As you kick start your career as an EMT you will be faced with so many new challenging and sometimes frightening situations that your textbooks have not prepared you for. We took to inviting a few veterans to tell us what the one thing was they wish someone had told them when they started out. This is about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some things you will already have learned through your textbooks and preparation, but out here in the real world, they take on a whole different... Read more

Flat Tires Never Felt So Good!

On Monday February 18, President’s Day, Terrence Stanford, one of Lifeline’s devoted Medicar drivers was feeling deflated to find a nail had punctured his car tire. Not wanting to miss work, on President’s Day nonetheless, he came in anyway, not a second late. When he got into the garage, he asked some fellow employees if they knew anywhere where he could go to get his tire fixed. When Lifeline COO, Gabe Kroll, who has a great passion for cars, heard about the tire, he rolled up his... Read more

A Lifeline Thanksgiving

At Lifeline, we are thankful for a lot of things. Our state-of-the-art ambulances, our outstanding partners and clients, and most certainly our employees, with whom we would be nowhere without. To show our thanks, we started something new this Thanksgiving. We distributed turkeys to all our employees in Illinois and Detroit. Each and every one of our employees was able to sign up for a turkey and receive it from us in our garages the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We gave out over 230... Read more

Keeping Lollapalooza a Time of Fun, Not Fear:

Lollapalooza is a time of fun and fest every summer, but there are so many efforts people don’t even realize go into it. For example, EMS standby. Our dedicated crews at Lifeline Ambulance spend the weekend at Lolla every year, treating patients with care as early as doors open, lights and sirens all night. With two major tents, one south and one north, and many small first aid tents along the way, we provide the best standby coverage for every injury and emergency that occurs at the... Read more

Lifeline Sends Crews To Assist Hurricane Rescue Effort

This fall, the Carolinas were struck with a terrible storm. It was the wettest storm, coming from a strong tropical wave from the west coast of Africa, and it caused severe damage to the Carolinas. It was Hurricane Florence. Additionally, Florida was struck with Hurricane Michael, one of the top three most intense hurricanes from the Atlantic. Where does Lifeline come in? FEMA deployed five of our rigs to help in the hurricane efforts for Florence. Four went to North Carolina and one to... Read more