Friends come and go in our lives. Some friendships may last a lifetime. Without a doubt, the only thing better than having a best friend, is a best friend that is an EMT.

Now, while you might think that this is all about having a best friend that serves as your personal “WEB MD” on speed dial, I want to share with you my top 5 reasons that having an EMT best friend is awesome.

1. Their pockets are bottomless pits of useful bits and pieces. Do you need some tape? No problem! From a cotton ball to a Hello Kitty band-aid, their pockets can rival a magician’s best hat trick any day.

2. There will never be a minute’s boring conversation in your future. Nor will you host another boring social event ever again. There is absolutely no doubt that EMT best friends can naturally entertain with the most outrageously funny and craziest stories you will likely ever hear. All jokes aside, one could embark on starting up a service to rent out your EMT best friend to ensure that boring social events are a thing of the past.

3. Need to be somewhere in a hurry. Get your EMT friend to drive. A trip in the passenger seat with your best friend at the wheel is guaranteed to be eventful and its rather sure thing you will make it there in half the time.

4. You can brag about the size of their personal first-aid kits. Most people pride themselves on having a few first aid basics on hand, most often found in a small zip-up pouch kept under their bathroom sink. Your best friend will be guaranteed to travel with a huge tackle box filled with all the emergency medical supplies you will ever need. Better yet, they likely have it stored in those never-ending pants pockets.