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Illinois EMT Training Program

Find out more about LifeLine’s Illinois EMT Training Program.

We’re currently offering the following Illinois EMS courses:

  1. ACLS – Full Certification and Re-Certification Courses
  2. PALS – Full Certification and Re-Certification Courses
  3. BLS CPR-RECERT for The Healthcare Provider
  4. EMT-Basic (8 Week Course) Carol Stream, IL
  5. EMT-Basic (16 Week Course) Skokie, IL

EMT Training in Illinois: Embarking on Your Healthcare Path

If you’re eager to serve your community and are wondering how to become an EMT in Illinois, LifeLine Ambulance’s EMT training Illinois program may be your chance to shine. Our state-accredited EMT courses and classes prepare you to excel in the fast-paced field of emergency medical services. From the foundational Illinois EMT B classes to advanced coursework, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that meets the Illinois EMT requirements.

Our EMT training includes everything from basic life support (BLS) methods to complex emergency response strategies. You’ll learn to perform the essential duties of an Emergency Medical Technician, such as making informed decisions in high-stress situations, evaluating illnesses or injuries to make field diagnoses, and treating critical trauma patients. As an integral part of the public safety and rescue response team, the skills you acquire here can also serve as a stepping stone to advanced roles, such as becoming a Paramedic.

Achieving Excellence in EMT: Comprehensive Overview of Our Program

Our EMT training program is not just about teaching you theoretical concepts; it’s about giving you practical skills that you can apply in real-life scenarios. This philosophy reflects in our specialized courses, which include both classroom-based and hands-on training components. We provide our student EMTs with detailed practical experiences; from working on ambulances that are in-duty where you’ll gain experience with live patients to working with veteran pre-hospital care professionals. You will be placed in certain scenarios that will test your problem-solving skills and preparedness for EMTs working in high-stress situations.

In addition, we will also be instilling a solid and clear understanding of the ethical considerations that EMTs face. We believe that an exceptional EMT not only possesses practical skills but also demonstrates compassion, professionalism, and ethical responsibility. That’s why our EMT training includes modules on these soft skills, which are as crucial in this field as the hard skills.

In addition, to meet the varying needs and schedules of our students, we offer an accelerated Illinois EMT course style that meets and exceeds Illinois State requirements for Illinois EMT certification. This intensive course option allows you to gain your certification faster, enabling you to start your career in EMS in a shorter span of time. This is perfect for those asking ‘how to become an EMT in Illinois’ in the quickest way possible.

Illinois Pride: College Students Thriving in EMT

At LifeLine Ambulance, we believe in nurturing the next generation of emergency healthcare providers. That’s why we strongly encourage college students in Illinois to consider our EMT courses as a fulfilling and exciting career choice. With the increasing need for EMTs and paramedics, our EMT training provides you with a secure and rewarding profession in the healthcare industry.

Besides the direct impact on your community, meeting the Illinois EMT license requirements and becoming certified can open doors to many other careers in the medical field. This includes roles like EMT-Paramedic, Emergency Room Technician, Physicians Assistant, Dispatcher, and Firefighter. Additionally, your experience as an EMT can serve as a stepping stone to advanced medical degrees and specialties.

Program Highlights: Delivering Superior EMT Training in Illinois

Our EMT program in Illinois is specifically designed to equip you with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. Our commitment to quality and topical relevance will means that our students receive the best EMT training available in Illinois. Here are the highlights of our program:

  • We offer accredited EMT B classes Illinois focused on the basics of emergency medical care. These classes serve as a comprehensive introduction to emergency response and cover all the crucial aspects, from assessing patient conditions to implementing appropriate interventions.


  • For those wondering how to become an EMT in Illinois, we provide a clear pathway. This begins with our foundational EMT classes, followed by advanced courses and hands-on training. Our program meets all the requirements for Illinois EMT certification, and we assist our students throughout the licensing process.


  • For those who want to get started in their EMT career as soon as possible, we offer an accelerated EMT course near Chicago. This fast-tracked program covers all the same content as our regular classes but in a condensed time frame.

From College to Profession: EMT and Beyond in Illinois

The path to a rewarding career in the healthcare sector begins at LifeLine. Whether you’re currently a college student, changing careers, or looking to expand your professional skills, EMT training Illinois is an excellent starting point.

Our EMT classes and courses equip you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Once you acquire your EMT certification and meet the EMT requirements Illinois, a vast array of career possibilities opens up. You can apply your skills as an EMT in Illinois within various EMS teams, hospitals, fire departments, and private medical facilities.

In addition, for those aspiring to further their career in the medical field, our EMT courses serve as a foundation to acquire a Paramedic certificate. A paramedic qualification widens your career scope, enabling you to work in higher capacity emergency medical roles. With LifeLine, you’re not just becoming an EMT;  you’re kick-starting a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

    LifeLine Academy EMT Training Illinois FAQs

    What Are the Requirements for the EMT Programs in Illinois?
    • In order to enroll in our EMT programs in Illinois, students must have a High School Diploma or GED, be 18 years or older to take the NREMT exam, and pass a background check with no felony convictions.

    What Is Included in the EMT B Certification Illinois Course Tuition?
    • The EMT B Certification Illinois course tuition includes a range of materials and services such as a textbook, eCard access for the textbook, a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope, a uniform polo shirt, EMT trousers, trauma shears, a pen light, safety glasses, and the cost of the state and federal background check.

    How Long Does the Illinois EMT Training Last?
    • Our EMT training program takes place over 8 and 16 weeks, including 32 hours of clinical experience performed outside of the classroom.

    What Are the Illinois EMT Requirements for Course Completion?

    The Illinois EMT requirements for course completion include passing the course with a score of 80% or better and fulfilling all clinical requirements. Additionally, students must meet the hourly obligation as mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health regulations.

    How Can I Get EMT Certified in Illinois After Completing the Course?

    After successfully completing the course, students are eligible to sit for the National Registry of EMTs examination to receive certification as a Nationally Registered EMT. This exam is not included in the tuition fee and costs $98.00. Additionally, an IDPH Licensing Fee of $45.00 is applicable for obtaining the Illinois EMT certification.

    Are There Online or Accelerated EMT Courses in Illinois?

    Yes, we provide flexible online EMT courses Illinois based, allowing students to study at their own pace. For those seeking a more rapid learning experience, we offer an accelerated EMT course in Chicago.