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Life Ambulance Network is a rapidly growing company with current operations in 4 states. Since our founding in 2008, Life Ambulance Network has expanded through new business startups and acquisitions.

With over 112,000 annual patient transports our customers experience quality care from our employees who are professional, courteous and on-time. The consistent delivery of this service over time builds the trust of our community members and customers and is essential to our success.

With an employee driven culture, we are dedicated to ensuring our crews have the resources they need to excel: from crew lounges, leadership training and career development, to state-of-the-art ambulances, medical equipment and technology.

Our History

Over the Years


Founded: Chicago, IL

LifeLine Ambulance Illinois began in 2008 on Chicago’s south side with just 5 ambulances, 15 employees and grand aspirations.


Skokie Expansion

By 2013 LifeLine expanded to the current larger McKinley Park station in Chicago and opened their Corporate Offices/HQ in Skokie, IL. In just 5 years, LifeLine Illinois grew to 40 Ambulances and 180 employees providing service to all of Cook County.


Fastest Growing Ambulance Co. in Michigan

With the purchase of Concord Ambulance in 2018, LifeLine Michigan brought our signature service to Oakland and Wayne counties. In less than 1 year LifeLine MI doubled employee and fleet counts becoming Michigan’s fastest growing ambulance company.


Tennessee Expansion

In June 2020, LifeCare Ambulance launched from the ground up with state-of-the-art facilities, brand new equipment and our employee-focused culture. In under 6 months, LifeCare TN proudly reached 100 employees and they’re just getting started!


Mississippi + West IL 

2021 brought new stations to Olive Branch, MS and Carol Stream, IL. With LifeLine’s third station in Illinois, Carol Stream will also provide a spacious new center for the rapidly growing LifeLine EMS Academy.

Client Services


LifeLine’s state-of-the-art BLS transport fleet imparts a calming sense of assurance to our noncritical and movement-confined patients. BLS services include monitoring the patient’s airway, circulation and breathing during transport. In an emergency, EMTs are trained to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and other noninvasive life-saving skills.


Fully-equipped for the most urgent medical situations, our advanced life support ambulances contain the latest in mobile and medical treatment technology. Our ALS clinicians are trained to monitor and administer intravenous fluids, administer medications, monitor cardiac activity and monitor surgical airways, as well as other interventions and courageously administer critical treatment when it matters most.


Life Ambulance Network is proud to be a leading inter-medical facility transport service for critical care patients of many varieties. Our critical care teams consist of paramedics with advanced certifications for providing ALS interventions during transport and managing ventilators, surgical airways and administering IV medications.


We offer full-service event management and medical support tailored to festivities of every size. From the iconic Soldier Field to Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, US Special Olympics and many more, our team of courteous professionals provide fully-compliant on-site medical services to all of the region’s largest events and venues.

Over 120 years combined experience



Gabe Kroll

Gabe Kroll

Chief Executive Officer

A founder of LifeLine Ambulance in 2008, Gabe oversees the growth and expansion of The Life Ambulance Network. Integrity, honesty and accountability are the three core values he credits most for the successes in his business and personal life. Gabe’s trust in others and aptitude for matching people’s strengths to their roles, has created a thriving culture of operational excellence. An advocate for healthy work-life balance, Gabe is an avid cyclist and enjoys the comradery of the Chicago cycling community.

Shalom Bergovoy

Shalom Bergovoy

Chief Strategy Officer

After joining LifeLine ambulance in 2017, Shalom piloted an aggressive new direction and brand identity driven by data, strategic planning, and the ability to scale. His recipe for success consists of connecting with, understanding and validating others. In just 4 years, he oversaw the creation of the LifeLine EMS academy, and played an essential role in LAN’s expansion to 3 new states and markets. Shalom loves spending time with his family, all things football and is a proud community activist.

Shira Winner

Shira Winner

Chief Financial Officer

Shira brings 19 years of experience to her role as CFO of Life Ambulance Network. Shira describes accounting as the “the storytelling and numerical representation of the health of a company”. Under her leadership our finance department aims to provide the information, awareness and confidence needed to make informed decisions at every level. In her free time, she enjoys painting, drawing and cooking.

Zalman Goldbloom

Zalman Goldbloom

Vice President of Business Development

As a veteran, Zalman leads his team with accountability, consistency, and dynamism. With over 10 years of experience in customer service and an EMT-B, Zalman is often heard proclaiming “NO is the answer to the question not asked”. His passions beyond the office include enjoying live music, playing chess, reading, sports, and he is an avid whiskey connoisseur.

Kris MacGregor

Kris MacGregor

Director of Human Resources

With 27 years of Human Resources experience, Kris lives each day with honesty, integrity, and seeing the good in everyone. “My moral and ethical compass runs true north in building strong personal and professional relationships.” An avid animal advocate and bibliophile, Kris also enjoys working as a florist in her spare time.

Lou Tornabeni

Lou Tornabeni

Director of Emergency Communications

Lou brings invaluable leadership and knowledge to his role at LifeLine with 16 years of experience working at every level of EMS. A self-proclaimed “huge EMS dork”, he is passionate about his work and is a driving force in our expansion and perfecting day-to-day operations. When he’s not at the station, you’ll find him cooking for family and friends and enjoying a fresh pint from a craft brewery of choice.

Nina Silver

Nina Silver

Financial Analyst

With her degree in Business Administration & Management, Nina quickly made her way into her current position as Head of Marketing and Analytics at Life Ambulance Network. With honesty and great effort, she is driven to see tangible results in her work, that serve to benefit the company. Beyond the office, Nina enjoys travelling with her husband, country music, doing jigsaw puzzles and caring for her pet bunny.

Eden Uttenreuther

Eden Uttenreuther

Billing Manager

Beginning her career in data entry, Eden actively worked her way up to management with honesty, enthusiasm and care for others. Her commitment and relationship to our client accounts has helped to streamline our billing and collections processes. Beyond the office, Eden enjoys gardening and live music.


LifeLine Ambulance Illinois

Established in 2008 in Chicago IL, LifeLine has grown to 3 garages in the greater Chicago area along with a rapidly growing EMT Academy. 

LifeLine Ambulance Michigan

With garages in Oakland and Wayne counties, LifeLine MI launched in 2018 and quickly flourished becoming Michigan’s fastest growing ambulance company in 2020. 

LifeCare Ambulance Tennessee

With stations in Memphis & Nashville LifeCare has become known for our signature standard of care and the ambulance service of choice for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, events and emergency partnerships throughout the state!

LifeCare Ambulance Mississippi

Our latest addition to the Life Ambulance Network, LifeCare MS services hospitals, clinics and skilled nursing facilities in the greater Olive Branch area.

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