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Joining the Life Ambulance Network family offers a lifelong career and a life-saving profession.

Grow With Us.

Whether you’re just getting started, or  a seasoned professional in the industry, joining LifeLine Michigan offers a safe, professional and supportive future for you in EMS.

As an employee-driven company we work to provide our employees with the resources and opportunities they need to excel in their careers. 

We offer comprehensive benefits, competitive wages, paid time off and professional training and support. The cornerstone of our culture is safe, accountable, friendly and efficient services and our mission to be the #1 EMS employer in America. We also offer an EMT training program in Michigan.

Proud Equal Opportunity
& Affirmative Action Employer

The LifeLine Difference

Competitive Pay


Paid Time Off

Tuition Assistance

Leadership Training

EMS Career Advisers

Full Benefits + 401k

Crew Lounges

New Equipment

We invest in the success of our employees and are dedicated to helping them advance in their careers. Life Ambulance Network has developed a unique and distinctive path for career advancement for promising EMS leaders of the future. Our EMT/Paramedic In Charge program offers educational and mentoring opportunities to all our employees.


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From application to promotion, we offer a supportive and growth focused work enviorment.


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LifeLine Ambulance – Lincoln Park, MI


LifeLine Ambulance – Lincoln Park, MI


LifeLine Ambulance – Troy, MI


LifeLine Ambulance – Troy, MI