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We invest in the success of our employees and are dedicated to helping them advance in their careers. Life Ambulance Network has developed a unique and distinctive path for career advancement for promising EMS leaders of the future. Our EMT/Paramedic In Charge program offers educational and mentoring opportunities to all our employees.


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Job Opportunities

Exploring EMT & Paramedic Jobs in Illinois - A Guide to Emergency Medical Careers

In Illinois, EMT and Paramedic jobs play a vital role in emergency medical services. Positions range from EMT Basic roles, with available EMT B jobs in Illinois to more specialized Paramedic jobs. In cities like Chicago, Skokie, and Carol Stream, EMT and Paramedic positions are available with LifeLine Ambulance Illinois, a key player in the EMS field. Whether you’re interested in event EMT jobs or general Illinois EMT jobs, joining LifeLine offers a safe, professional, and supportive future for you in EMS.

Public & Private Ambulance Services in EMS - A Look at Job Opportunities for Paramedics in Illinois

Public and private ambulance services alike are an important part of emergency medical services in Illinois, offering in-the-field immediate medical care and patient care during non-emergency patient transports. Paramedics & EMTs employed with ambulance services like LifeLine Ambulance Illinois are on the frontlines, handling upwards of 115,000 patient transports per year. Whether it’s a full-time EMT position, a Medicar Driver job or a part-time paramedic role on our special events team, there are a variety of EMS jobs, Paramedic jobs and EMT jobs available for those seeking employment in the Illinois EMS field.

Firefighter vs EMT Paramedic - Diverse Career Paths in Emergency Medical Services in Illinois

The field of emergency medical services in Illinois is wide-ranging, offering diverse career paths. Many are drawn to the adrenaline and community service that’s associated with being a firefighter. At the same time, others prefer the medical-focused route of becoming an EMT Paramedic with a company like LifeLine Ambulance. Regardless of the path chosen, these roles both involve life-saving skills and are integral parts of the emergency medical response system. LifeLine Ambulance Illinois, in particular, offers various positions from EMT Basic to Paramedic, providing ample opportunities for those passionate about emergency care.