With being an EMT comes the close, confined work environment, the long shifts and the countless hours spent with your partner and team. It is precisely for this reason that it comes as absolutely no surprise that EMT partners typically establish and share close, well-forged professional, friendly relationships.

Research shows that 1-3 full-time paramedics worked more than 40 hours a week. Spending that amount of countless time with someone in a small, confined space will lead to not only picking up methodical habits and quirks but also give rise to an affectionate familiarity that only EMT partners will share.

Included are 7 clear signs that are indicative of just how well you know your partner. They will likely also indicate you just might be spending too much time with your partner.

  1. You can recite and order your partner’s favorite meal, even knowing exactly what to exclude, how they like their hamburger grilled or which sides to include.
  2. Completing the other’s sentences or both partners sufficiently recognizing what the other is saying without typically having to properly complete a coherent sentence.
  3. Adequately keep up a non-verbal communication which only makes sense the two of you.
  4. You universally know everything about each other’s personal lives, social relationships, and family goals and notable achievements.
  5. You typically enjoy similar or identical hobbies or voluntarily take part in the same extramural activities outside of the workplace.
  6. Without physically identifying or seeing your partner, you can still be certain they are approaching through recognizing their gait or hearing other sounds like a jingle of their utility belt.
  7. There is naturally a fluent, non-communicative efficiency when it comes round to carrying out your duties. Understanding what your partner needs before they barely ask for it or merely working alongside each other with a familiar fluency and accuracy others might not understand.