Alex/Alejandro Casillas, CFD
Former EMT/Paramedic for LifelineCFD:

1) Q: How has Lifeline impacted your life and/or career?
A: Lifeline was a good starting point in my career. It set the foundation for the skills, ethics, and mental preparation to this field

2) Q: What is your funniest Lifeline memory?
A: My first day on the ambulance, we were scheduled for a pickup. We parked outside a facility at about 30 minutes prior to the pickup time. I had no idea what a private ambulance company did. So the crew I was with said, “we are picking up at 08:00.” I remember thinking, “wow this person is going to break their leg at a scheduled time, or what is going on?” It was that day that I found out what dialysis treatment was.

3) Q: How would you describe Lifeline to strangers?
A: Lifeline is a good stepping stone to those who pursue a career in the medical/fire field. It molds you and gives you the basic skill-set needed to succeed, as long as you do not lose vision of the main goal and the bigger picture.

4) Q: Did Lifeline play a role in you becoming a firefighter/paramedic?
A: Yes. Lifeline challenged me to better myself and follow the steps from EMT, to paramedic, and then to firefighter.

5) Q: What are some of the challenges you have faced being a paramedic, and how did you overcome them?
A: Everyday is a challenge and a learning experience as a paramedic. There is not a day you stop learning. Old timers always say, the day you stop learning is the day you need to retire.

6) Q: What was the greatest thing you learned/took out from working at Lifeline?
A: Lifeline was my first professional-setting job with real responsibility. It set up my platform for a good work ethic and motivated me to keep pushing forward.

7) Q: Where to you see yourself in 10 years?
A: I hope to keep advancing in my career as a firefighter/paramedic for Chicago.