Lifeline Sends Crews To Assist Hurricane Rescue Effort

This fall, the Carolinas were struck with a terrible storm. It was the wettest storm, coming from a strong tropical wave from the west coast of Africa, and it caused severe damage to the Carolinas. It was Hurricane Florence. Additionally, Florida was struck with Hurricane Michael, one of the top three most intense hurricanes from the Atlantic. Where does Lifeline come in?

FEMA deployed five of our rigs to help in the hurricane efforts for Florence. Four went to North Carolina and one to South Carolina. Our crews camped out ready on standby with other ambulance companies from around the country. They then did 911 calls in cities all over the Carolinas, including Sampson, Garner, and Cedar Point, so that the regular 911 crews could go home and assess their own hurricane damages.

In hurricane Michael, three of our rigs were sent down. Our crews helped with hospital evacuations, bringing patients to the nearest safe hospital which was over two hours away! Additionally, some of our medics did 911 calls for Panama City.

In both places, calls consisted of ladder accidents, elderlies with significant falls, seizures, chest pains, car accidents, injuries, and overall well-being checks. The lines had been non-stop, so by our team stepping in and taking 911 calls for a week, it gave the paramedics of the Carolinas and Florida a chance to get their lives back in order. Afterall, their loved ones and homes were being affected too!

At Lifeline, we care for patients everywhere. And not only do we care for patients, but for other paramedics as well. It is all in our name. We are your Lifeline; there for you in any time of need.