On Sunday Jul 21, Lifeline’s annual softball tournament was in full swing, a day filled with food, games and sun! Our Lifeline employees as well as EMT students from Lifeline Academy, Malcolm X, Oakton, Weiss, and a variety of other schools got together for the annual friendly competition upon the diamond at Laramie Park in Skokie, our A-teams gave it their all!.

After round 1 of play, we chowed down on some fresh barbecue all the while enjoying each other’s company and the delicious aroma from the grill.
Our players families and friends got in on the action as well + provided supportive cheers from the stands while the children in attendance enjoyed the playground just a few feet away from the field. The spirit and cheer was felt by all throughout the multiple games played from 9am until 3pm! It was a fantastic day of bonding and summer fun with our Lifeline family and friends.