Keeping Lollapalooza a Time of Fun, Not Fear:

Lollapalooza is a time of fun and fest every summer, but there are so many efforts people don’t even realize go into it. For example, EMS standby. Our dedicated crews at Lifeline Ambulance spend the weekend at Lolla every year, treating patients with care as early as doors open, lights and sirens all night.

With two major tents, one south and one north, and many small first aid tents along the way, we provide the best standby coverage for every injury and emergency that occurs at the festival. Whether it be trauma, overdose, alcohol poisoning, dehydration, or broken bones, we are there for it all. Our sister company, Event Medical Solutions, are on foot and bring us guests who need our help. They come to our tent on a cot, we do triage, and determine where they go, assuring that they are treated with the best possible care for their needs.

Lollapalooza is one of the most popular music festivals in Chicago, but with that, comes many people who need our help. For nine years, we have been there, ensuring that Lollapalooza continues to be what it’s supposed to: a time of fun. We are there to keep you safe, so that you can enjoy the most amazing music festival of the summer.